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Log Files

So that we can analyse trends, track the movements of our users, run our site and gather demographic information, we must use the IP addresses of our users. However, these IP addresses are not associated with any information that could be personally identifiable. In addition, to run our system, identify usage patterns and to troubleshoot things, our servers are set to automatically identify and capture standard access information to include type of browser, access times, when mail is opened, URL requested along with referral URL. None of this information is shared with any third parties and only used on a need-to-know basis within the Company. Unless we have your explicit permission, we will never use your data information in any other way than stated above.


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The EU’s New General Data Protection Regulation
What is the scope of the EU’s GDPR?
The European Union has a new law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into effect on 25 May 2018. The purpose of this regulation is to provide more protection over the personal data of EU citizens and to give each citizen more control over how their personal data is used by organisations they share it with.

The GDPR is now the standard that must be followed by every organisation in the EU and every other organisation across the world that uses and/or processes personal data belonging to EU citizens.

As it relates to the GDPR, an organisation is defined as any company, public authority, agency, legal or natural person or any other entity involved in processing the personal data of individuals. There are two separate data processing categories an organisation may fit into: data processors and/or data controllers. An event planner that uses the services of Cashloans-sa.co.za is a data controller, whereas Cashloans-sa.co.za fits into both categories since it is a data processor as well as a data controller.

Data controllers are organisations that collect personal data. They decide which data to collect, how it will be used, for how long and who they will share it with. Data processors only provide the means to store and transfer the personal data. They are the ones who process the data for the data controller. Data processors are not the ones deciding how the data is to be used.

What steps has Cashloans-sa.co.za taken to comply with GDPR?
Knowing that GDPR would become effective 25 May 2018 and that some of the event planners and those purchasing tickets were headquartered in the EU, we sought legal advice so that we would be fully compliant by the time the regulations went into effect.

Cashloans-sa.co.za does not process any information in a “high risk” manner, nor do we gather any personal data that could be considered “sensitive.” However, since we do process personal data, we shall ensure that any third-party processors that are engaged by Cashloans-sa.co.za to process data on our behalf complies with all six processing stipulations set forth in GDPR. Regarding this, Cashloans-sa.co.za shall make sure that we and every one of our third-paraty processors do the following:

  1. Process all personal data in a lawful, fair and transparent manner.
  2. Only collect personal data for legitimate, very specific and explicit purposes.
  3. Only process the personal data that is justified, relevant and limited to just the data that is necessary to the purpose for which the data is being processed.
  4. Maintain accurate and up-to-date personal data and to correct inaccurate data and/or delete it where necessary.
  5. Keep all personal data in a format that is identifiable and for no longer than legally and/or practically necessary.
  6. Keep all personal data safe and secure. 

Generally speaking, we will only be involved in processing personal data if:

  1. The person has given their consent to such processing and has not withdrawn that consent;
  2. It is necessary to process the information in order to execute a contract with the person, e.g. the buying of a ticket for a particular event; or
  3. It is necessary to process the information to carry out our purposes, or if it is in our event planner’s interests, e.g. managing the event and crowd control.

Any personal data that is not needed to execute a contract with that person, or needed for our, or our event planner’s legitimate purposes, must be consented to by the person. The individual may withdraw their consent at any time.

Subject to GDPR’s legal requirements, we will make every effort to respect and facilitate every person’s right to object to their information being processed, their right to have restrictions put on the processing of their information and their right to be left alone. As we have always done, we will continue to honour every individual’s right to refuse any direct marketing and any requests for access.  

We are currently in the process of revising our privacy policy to make it more concise, intelligible, transparent and easy to access. Our updated privacy policy will include all required information as set forth by the GDPR.

If we find out about a breach of personal data that is likely to put people at risk, we will immediately notify the appropriate supervising authority(ies).

In processing personal data for our event planners, we are complying with the GDPR in all aspects as it relates to us as “processors.” Additionally, we ensure that any personal data processors that we appoint are in full compliance with GDPR.

With regard to cookies, Cashloans-sa.co.za users will be ask for their expressed consent to our collection of cookies that may contain personally identifiable data and any cookies that are not necessary to the functioning of our website. They can withdraw their consent at any time.

What are “cookies” as it relates to technology?
Cookies are tiny files that get stored on your computer each time you visit a website. Almost all Internet websites use cookies in order to function. Cookies are utilised for reporting purposes as well. 

There are two types of cookies that Cashloans-sa.co.za uses:
First-party cookies are the cookies that Cashloans-sa.co.za sets for technical purposes. These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the Cashloans-sa.co.za website. You are entitled to block these cookies if you wish, however this must be done through the settings on your web browser. Please understand that if you do block our cookies this will cause certain parts of the Cashloans-sa.co.za website not to work.

Third-party cookies are the type of cookies that third-party vendors set. Cashloans-sa.co.za uses these third parties for analytics, advertising and other purposes. You are entitled to accept or refuse the cookies set by these websites and to adjust the settings on your web browser accordingly.